• Gain knowledge into the purpose of creation
  • Become familiar with the concept of the Point in the Heart
  • Leave with the understanding of with the process of the development of desires .
  • Experience the power of connection through discussion circles. 

Join us for casual evenings of discussions, Q&A, and lively workshops with other like minded seekers guided by experienced Kabbalah teachers. We’ll watch thought provoking clips over coffee and treats as we learn about the basic principles of the Wisdom of Kabbalah as taught by Bnei Baruch.


2017-TBA at 7 PM – 9 PM
The Path To Spiritual Development

Barbara Frum Library
20 Covington Rd , Toronto, Ontario M6A 3C1

“I was born with internal properties which I have not chosen. Then, the environment, my family and the education I received operated on me from the outside and built me in a certain way. And thus I live, as a result of these two conditions, which I have not defined. All of a sudden a question awakens in me: “Why am I alive? What for? ” I didn’t choose this question either, it simply awakened from within me. This is the beginning of the awakening of the “point in the heart” and it pulls me to a higher world. Here, the possibility of choice begins.”

– Dr. Michael Laitman

2017-TBA at 7:00 – 9:00 PM
Kabbalah And The Secret To Happiness

Barbara Frum Library
20 Covington Rd , Toronto, Ontario M6A 3C1

Each of us likes to enjoy all kinds of things: winning the lottery, having sex, eating special foods, seeing an interesting movie, listening to music, buying a nice car, and so on. All these things lose their value, so the feeling of happiness can be only momentary: In a number of minutes, days or months at most, it vanishes. There must be a sense of eternal happiness, fulfilling all my desires, all the voids in me. Meaning, it’s full of power and eternal in time, and also gives me confidence that it will never end, and no one can harm me. It should feel as though I’m high in the clouds.